Prunus serotinas. Cherry is a highly prized furniture wood well known for its color, subtle grain pattern and unsurpassed finishing qualities. Cherry has a uniform texture and finishes extremely well. Cherry grows across the eastern United States, with the preferred lumber coming primarily from the northern Appalachian region, especially Pennsylvania. Cherry represents less than 5% of the total volume of timber and lumber production in the eastern United States.

Cherry is available in available for sale either rough or surfaced, (S2S). Cherry if often requested as straight line ripped lumber, (SLR2E), which can be accomodated as requried.

Furniture, cabinets, interior decoration including paneling, woodenware, decorative items.

Good availability in 4/4 through 8/4 thickness. Limited availability in 10/4 and heavier.

Cherry Hardwood Pricing:
Cherry is considered a more valuable North American hardwood lumber species and is priced accordingly. We would be happy to provide a quote at any time. Email us at địa chỉ for a quote.

Relative Working Properties:

MachiningResistance to
Splitting in Nailing
Resistance to
Splitting in Screwing
ExcellentFairFairVery Good

Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity (12% M.C.)Average Shipping Weight kilograms (kg) per cubic metre (m3) Air DryAverage Volumetric Shrinkage (oven dry % of Green)Modulus of Rupture (Kilopascals)Modulus of Elasticity (Megapascals)Side Hardness (Newtons)